Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Capsule Wardrobe? Hmm...

As we've been working on cleaning, organizing, and decluttering our homes in 34 weeks with our friends, there have been many good points made. Michele as our ringleader, and Kemi as our chief encourager and label maker have been pointing us to specific tasks to a accomplish. I'll let you know that we're still working on those tasks, even though you haven't seen any pictures in a while. It's really hard to clean and declutter a bedroom when there is always someone sleeping in it. The girls have been working on their rooms, and while they look much better, they're not quite to the photo-ready stage.

One thing Michele has throwout there on the side is the idea of a capsule wardrobe. One of her lovely daughters wrote a blog post about it and pointed us to several great blogs that focus on capsule wardrobes. Is a capsule wardrobe right for everyone? Probably not. Is it the right answer for me? I'm waiting for God to get back to me on that one. In the meantime, we have switched out all of our Winter clothes for the Spring & Summer apparel.

I really don't think I have that many clothes to need to do a major purge, but it has had me thinking. How many of the things hanging in our little closet do I actually wear? Can I give away some things I don't wear anymore, and if yes, which items? Do I have a favorite outfit style? If I could figure that one out, the other questions might be easier. What would I want in my capsules if I made them?

Know this, a capsule wardrobe is just an idea, and it might not be right for you at this time in your life. That's OK. I think Michele threw the idea on the table because people were curious. In all areas of our lives we should be taking stock of what we don't need and eliminating it, or at least getting it organized so we know what we have. It's the end of the school year for most families. Do you have leftover supplies? Do you know where they are? Can you find them again after the 4th of July when the back-to-school sales start? You don't need 15 boxes of crayons but no glue sticks come August!

See, I'm just trying to get you thinking. Ask God what it is HE wants you to focus on for this next week, or this next month. If its the house, come join us in our 34 weeks of Clean!

Tune back in next week, maybe I'll have more pictures to post by then. :)


  1. Love this post! Shared!! And as always, thank you for linking up!

  2. I think finding a system that works for you is what is most important and being able to week through your clothes and get rid of the things you won't or don't wear can be a big step for many people. Looking forward to seeing those bedrooms.