Monday, October 20, 2014

Favorite Crew Reviews- Honorable Mentions

The Schoolhouse Review Crew has been a tremendous blessing to us over the past three years. We have had opportunities to review so many amazing products: books, games, apps, skincare. The Crew is accepting applications for the 2015 year. To get you thinking about it some more, we wanted to share our top 10 favorite reviews. But first, today we're going on a little trip to remember the Honorable Mentions.

These Honorable Mention winners were outstanding. Alas, you can only have 10 in your top 10, so here are those four we just couldn't pass up mentioning again... they were so close to the top 10. Just in case you're wondering - yes, we do still have them all, and use them a lot!

A Cry From Egypt, VideoText Interactive, King Alfred's English, High School Prep Genius

The Honorees, in no particular order...

VideoText Interactive Algebra
Emily still uses this on a weekly basis. This online program has been a tremendous help to us, as Emily and I sometimes butt heads a little when I'm trying to teach her math. With this wonderful program, she can watch the videos, work her problems, and only needs me if something still isn't quite clicking. Tom Clark, who wrote the program is a gem of a man, and was so pleasant to work with, both derringer review, and afterwards. You can read our whole review of VideoText Interactive Algebra here.

A Cry From Egypt
Arlene adored this book by Hope Auer, and is anxiously awaiting me buying her the sequel. This historical fiction book written by a homeschool graduate captures the reader's attention and won't let go. Arlene wrote quite a bit of this review, you can check it out here.

High School Prep Genius
How do you get your High Schooler to keep records of all they have done? You buy them this book and make them read it! This meaty book by Jean and Judah Burk (popular convention speakers) encourages you to work together with your High Schooler to chronicle what they have done, and plot a course for their future. High School Prep Genius can offer a lot of quality advice for families with adolescents.

King Alfred's English
I still refer to this book by Laurie White almost every week. Something always seems to come up about the roots of a word, the spread of the English language, or British history in our discussions. I learned a ton from this book, and am so thankful we reviewed it in ebook format, as it let me tote it all around the house on the iPad. Find out more in my review of King Alfred's English.

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