Monday, October 6, 2014

Dipping My Toes in the Mighty Ocean of Pinterest

Several friends have mentioned over the past two years that I should join Pinterest. 

I didn't join. 

It wasn't lack of faith in my friends' ideas, just the opposite, I knew I could trust their judgement... I just didn't have time... or energy to learn something new.

Guess what? Times change. While I may not have much time, I can see the world of blogging changing and the current shift towards sharing is moving to Pinterest. Instead of plunging in head first and hoping I don't drown, I planned. I spent time reading the tutorials my blogging friends had written, and then I spent time with my friend Sharra, watching her actually pin things.

I'm still a bit overwhelmed, but I'm getting there.

So today, I'm letting you know that I'm dipping my toes in the nightly Ocean of Pinterest. It will be a slow process as I learn, but I'd love for you to stop by and watch my progress. Maybe you have some boards you think I would enjoy. I'd love for you to share your favorites! 

Pinterest, like all other electronic areas, is a tool. I'm hoping to learn to use it well, without it becoming more than I can manage. Don't expect me to be the next Pinner with 300 boards, because blogging comes after a lot of other things in my life: God, my husband, my children, to name a few. In the meantime, I hope you'll take a peek at my small dip into the Pinterest ocean.

Have a wonderful week!

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