Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thankful Thursdays - 4/24/2014 - Spring Flowers!

Today I am thankful to look around our yard and see lots of Spring flowers! That means at least the average temperature is on the rise. It also means there are more hours of daylight each day. 

I'm also thankful to be taking the rest of the week off... so to keep you occupied, I've taken a quick photo of some flowers that kick off Spring in our butterfly garden. No, these aren't all for the butterflies - after all, they need it to be 70 degrees and we're not there yet.

So- this is a hidden picture game for you. Come back tomorrow and see if you found all of the flowers (5 are blooming, and the other 4 you'll have to find by their foliage,) and correctly identified them. 

Tomorrow I'll post the answer picture.

Happy Hunting!

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