Friday, January 3, 2014

Thankful Thursday 1/2/14 - 2013!

2013 was truly a year to be thankful for! We were blessed to spend so much family time together. We were doubly blessed to be able to travel from Indiana to Oklahoma over Memorial Day weekend to spend time with our dear friends Mike and Ella Pace at the Delaware Pow Wow.

So many great memories from 2013!

Here are just a few pictures of things we were thankful for:

 Stopping at the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, MO

 Teaching Arlene about using an unusual perspective to take a unique photo.

 Spending the weekend in Oklahoma with Mike, Ella, and family!

 Listening to Bucky Buck and Mike tell stories!

 A visit to the site of the Lincoln-Douglas debate in Alton, IL

 Showing the girls the cemetery in Alton, IL where Elijah P. Lovejoy is buried... and explaining his story.

 Lots of visits to Mounds State Park

 Having an exhibit at the State Fair about video games... and having a quarter so Kurt could play his favorite -TRON!

 A visit to Minnetrista in Muncie, IN, and seeing their 'bugs' exhibits. They had some excellent specimens on display.

No visit to Minnetrista would be complete without a visit to their rose garden!

 A fall trip to Pittsburgh, and some really magnificent architecture!

 The Terrible Towel that went to space is now on display at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh

 Kurt with one of his favorites... C3PO!

 Probably the world's largest game of 'Operation!"

 We got a good crop of strawberries this summer, even after the stress of 2012's drought!

 The girls finished their 4-H sewing projects on time... AND they fit!

 Spending time at the Lego Road Trip booth at the State Fair

 Watching the sun set as we listened to a Symphony on the Prairie

Beautiful asters at Caesar Creek Lake - a great place for fossil hunting!

If you've forgotten what you were thankful for about 2013, maybe it's time to look through your photos again. These are just a few of the hundreds (thousands?) of pictures we took this year. We are so thankful for all God has blessed us with. We look forward to 2014!

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