Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thankful Thursdays - 6/27/13 Community Gardens

Today we are thankful for our community garden plots. While we have several small planting beds here at our home, we wanted to try something different this year. We wanted to try planting the "Three Sisters" like the Native Americans did/ do. This includes corn, squash or pumpkins, and pole-type (climbing) beans. 

We stopped by our plots this evening to see how things were growing. They're growing well. It had been a few days since we've been there, but because it's been raining frequently, I wasn't worried. We made our plans for what to bring on Saturday morning. We need to do some weeding and mulching.

So here's a couple shots to show you how things are going. We did plant a few other things besides the Three Sisters, but they're the star of the show! 

Our community garden plots are 8' x 8', so we're going to spend some time re-routing our pumpkins to keep them in the boundaries of our area. We love pumpkin pie, so we hope they continue to grow & produce some good fruit. So far we have a few flowers blooming.

One of the best parts is the 'community' of it all. One of my best friends has the plots next to ours, so we take turns watching over each other's plants, and sometimes we even get time to meet up at the garden and chat while we tend our plants!

Here's hoping YOUR garden is doing well too!

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