Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thankful Thursdays - 1/3/13 Flannel Sheets

I hope you are thankful for many things, I certainly am! I know it is a little unusual, but today, I am thankful for our new cotton flannel sheets. It has been several years since we had flannel sheets. Now that we have some, I am SO GLAD we do. This past week, it turned cold (in the teens at night, 20's during the day.) While this is not that unusual for this time of year in Indiana, It doesn't mean I have to revel in it. 

Yes, we have plenty of warm blankets and quilts, but those flannel sheets are so comforting when you first slip into bed at night. They're not cold on your skin. They warm up and stay comforting all night. Oh, and ours have cute snowmen on them!

Now, if you do a little searching on the history of flannel, you will find out it was originally made from wool, then it was adapted by adding silk or cotton, and eventually turned into mostly cotton, although there are some that are cotton/ polyester blends today. Think about it like this: wool plaids (kilt anyone?), lumberjacks, everyday working man, your comfy new sheets.

I try to stay away from synthetics as much as possible, especially with bedding, since half of our family has sensitive skin. I would rather my clothes wrinkle, or my sheets shrink over time, than my family be uncomfortable. When I try to imagine wool sheets, I get a little itchy. After all, wool IS incredible warm (ask a sheep!) but I find it irritating when it is against my skin for long periods of time. So I'm glad that flannel is now available in cotton. 

Our sheets are comfy, and they were on sale, and I used a coupon...all good reasons to be thankful for the blessing of our new flannel sheets!

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  1. Love this post :) We just bought the kids all new bedding for Christmas and I'm itching to get some for us. I just might get flannel!