Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Just a Glimpse

The night was dark, the winds were howling, the temperature was warm (wait- that's not right for January,) the forecast was for rain, thunderstorms, and more rain. This was not going to be a typical Indiana winter storm! I was driving to work, hoping to get there before the storm broke lose... and then, I saw it, just a glimpse, but it was enough. 

The moon broke through the clouds, big, round, glowing buttery yellow. I had seen a glimpse of life outside the storm. I was in awe!

In the midst of all the bustle of life, work, school, doing taxes, raising children, loving my husband, God showed me a glimpse of life outside the storm. I do not equate most of my days with a storm, but this had been a particularly busy day, and I still had six or seven hours of work to go. God graciously allowed me to be stilled, to quiet my soul from the torrents of life, and to remind me that HE sees everything. He is here with me in the midst of my daily struggles and joys, yet He can see the end from the beginning.

I was reminded once again that I do not need to know how my story will end. I do not need to know how long each task will take. I have no need to understand where this home educating path will take us, or what will happen in our parenting life. I NEED simply to hold onto the one who is holding me through the storms- Jesus!

Just a glimpse of life from the outside, the sight of a beautiful moon, reflecting the sun, shining light to all who see it. I want to be like the moon was last night. I want to be reflecting the Son to all who see me while going through their own storms. I want to be a hope and a light.

To do so, I need to stop focusing on what I cannot see or understand. I need to focus on the hope that I have in Christ. I choose to offer others a glimpse of hope. 

If you are in the midst of a storm, know this, God has not abandoned you, He is right there with you, carrying you through. I'm praying you will see just a glimpse, and find strength to carry on!

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