Saturday, December 15, 2012

Waiting For His Heart - by Joy McClain

Where do you turn when your world is crumbling around you? I hope and pray you turn to God, the only One who never changes. When we see our world spinning out of control, we are faced with a choice, do we trust God, or not? My friend Joy McClain faced such a trial, which refined her faith in God, changed her life, and eventually led to the restoration of her own marriage. Her most recent book, "Waiting for His Heart" is a poignant telling of what God did in her life, while she learned to lean on Him for everything.

Perhaps you or one of your friends is struggling in your marriage. I highly recommend you get and read Joy's book. Probably your struggles are not as great as Joy's were, but I know God can use Joy's words to give you hope and encouragement that He will never leave you. 

Joy choose to commit to her marriage 100%, her commitment was a "No Matter What" statement. She learned that God's saving grace, His provision, and His unfailing love can carry you through when nothing else can. Joy waited 22 years for her husband to surrender his addiction to God. Her wait was long, her struggles great, but God spent the time teaching and refining Joy into the person God wanted her to be.

Often, we struggle in our marriages, not just because of what our spouse is doing or has done, but because we hold up our "ideal" as an idol. Joy shares her journey of learning how God can work in our own hearts to change us, and how that is SO vital to our relationship with Him. If our relationship with God does not come first, if we are not daily on our knees in prayer, asking Him to change us, then we have missed the point of this life. God grants us a peace that passes all understanding. But first, we must ask Him for it.

Life can be messy, relationships with our family can be strained, we can feel as though our lives are falling apart. Our choice is this: Do we turn to the Fixer of messes, the Mender of relationships, and the Healer of lives, or do we turn to our own understanding? Turn to the Healer! Allow God to do whatever work He desires in your life. Let Him lead you. Let Him work through your pain to touch and encourage the hurting world around you.

In the midst of some of her darkest days, Joy was used by God to give hope to other hurting women. Hope that God sees them, that He loves them, that He is taking care of them. 

"Waiting For His Heart: Lessons from a Wife who Chose to Stay" is a book about that hope, about healing, about transformation within our own lives and souls that brings us to the foot of the Cross, and heals us there. This small book, filled with God's love, will transform your heart if you let it. Allow God to pour hope and healing into your life through Joy's words. Thank you to Moody Publishers for their work to bring this book to the hurting. It is available for only $12.99 at many online retailers. 

Give the gift of hope to yourself or your friends this Christmas. Know that you are not alone in your struggles. God is right there waiting for you!

You can learn more about how God is using Joy, and how He continues to refine her life and faith at:

I received a complimentary copy of the book "Waiting For His Heart: Lessons from a Wife who Chose to Stay" in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.

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