Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Beautiful Day

Was today a beautiful day? Did the sun shine, were the breezes warm, or did it rain? Did you even think of the weather when you read the word beautiful? Was it a God day? Did you see Him at work in your life, your children's lives, the lives of those around you? Maybe we should update our idea of a beautiful day. 

There is nothing wrong with thinking of a beautiful day in terms of the weather... but if we are truthful, we focus too much on the weather being beautiful and not enough on the other beautiful things around us. 

Our children are beautiful, even on days when they don't brush their hair...or their teeth. 

Want to debate the point? Don't. Go ask a Mom or Dad whose child is in the NICU unit, or struggling against cancer, or asthma. They will tell you that each day their child lives is a beautiful day.Your child is beautiful because they are made in the image of God. Cherish them. Love them, hug them, pray for and with them. Take time to appreciate the wonderful gift God has given you in your children because we are not guaranteed tomorrow.

If God wills, I will wake up tomorrow, and my children will too. If God wills, our house will still be standing, and our bills will get paid. 

BUT, when God's will is different than mine, I can have a hard time finding a beautiful day. I can get wrapped up in the little things, like the brushed hair, instead of focusing on the child and their soul. I can focus on myself, and my plans. Selfishness is NOT a beautiful thing. I can get so busy with the "To-Do" list that I forget to hug my child, or my husband, or forget to pray for them. 

Let's not just chuck the To-Do's, but let's give our word (and keep it) about looking for something each day that makes it a "Beautiful Day." Let's decide together to trust God's will, to hug our children, to smile into their faces and say "I love you, it's been a beautiful day!"

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