Monday, December 26, 2011

One Step at a Time

So now it's the day after Christmas, and you may be wondering "what now?" Try taking it one step at a time. IF, as the Mom, you tend to stress out about cleaning up, putting away, and anything that resembles chaos- take a deep breath, let it out, repeat! 

A one step at a time mentality can help you do "what's next" without driving your family crazy. Maybe your biggest pet peeve is all the dirty dishes, then take yourself to the kitchen and get to work. Let the rest of the family have some down time while you're being productive. They probably need the rest, and you probably want some time alone. Spend your alone time thinking over all your blessings, and giving God thanks. 

Tomorrow you can do "what's next"- maybe it's sorting out the presents from the wrapping paper, or helping your kids organize their new things. Instead of driving yourself (and everyone else) crazy by trying to finish it all in the next 24 hours, jot a note to yourself of the top 5 or 6 "what's next" items. Then, as the days go forward, pick one or two things to focus on daily and do them well. Better one room well cleaned that everyone can relax in than a house full of unfinished organizing projects!

Enjoy time with your family this week. Your children will only be young once, and your husband is sure to enjoy it more if you're not a stressball. Play a board game, take a walk, play in the snow (if you have any), watch a movie, make cookies, or a big pot of soup, and just relax.

God wants to grant you peace, but you have to be willing to accept the gift!

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