Saturday, December 24, 2011

Great Christmas Traditions

Many families have Christmas traditions that they love. Maybe yours is opening one present on Christmas Eve (new PJ's are popular, then everyone looks great in the Christmas morning pictures!) Perhaps yours is a new ornament in the children's stockings every year. Or it might be having one favorite food for dinner- every year! Some families go to see The Nutcracker ballet annually. What ever your favorite tradition, know that your children will remember it far longer than the other presents they receive. Families gain a lot from traditions. They give us something to anticipate each Christmas, no matter how crazy or stressful our year might have been. If you haven't started any family traditions yet, you could start now, OR, better yet, talk together as a family about what you would like to do for next year, and then set aside whatever time or money you will need to make it happen for 2012. Feel free to leave a comment with your favorite Christmas traditions to inspire us all!

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