Thursday, January 30, 2020

Fresh Start Sale - last call!

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There are only two days left in the fresh start sale - today and tomorrow.

Normally I would have reminded you about this sale all month long, but you're busy, and so am I. :)

So, in case you're stuck with a great dislike of your current curriculum... or maybe you're brand new to homeschooling and have no idea where to start - this is  great place! We used for several years while our girls were homeschooling - and now it covers so much more! 

$99 for an entire year is phenomenal! February first will be here soon and the price will go up, as it does every calendar year, so don't delay. If you're not sure, try it for a month for only $12. 

$12 mama - that's less than the cost of a night to yourself at the movies with popcorn...which must be why we hardly ever go? LOL!

If you'd like to read some past reviews of schoolhouse as it has grown, just click the little orange words at the bottom of this post and it should bring up our past reviews. Remember the codes are ONLY99 for a year or ONLY12 for a month. Go explore it now before you forget!

Happy end of January! 

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