Friday, April 12, 2019


Today's Five Minute Friday prompt is: lack

five minute friday writing prompt, thoughts, contentment, grace, eternal life

When I look at the world around me, at my writing, at my home, at my marriage, I can focus on all of the things that I lack. It appears on the surface that others have so much more than I do. I can see with a calloused heart and a cynical eye what the world is offering, and I wonder, do I even really want those things?

My apparent lack of the things that make up the American Dream does not bother me as much as it used to. That is only because Jesus stepped in and showed me a new way to live, a life that is eternal, but that begins here; lived out in my day to day life on earth. When I remember that God's Word promised to provide all that I need for life and Godliness, I realize that I lack nothing. 

Truly, I lack nothing!

My life is not like yours, and that is okay. My life is filled so full that some days I am not even able to put those thoughts and feelings into words to show you that indescribable joy that Jesus has offered to me, that He continues to offer to me, that I have come to accept as my daily bread.

This life is not perfect, because I have not yet been made perfect, and the people I live with are not perfect. I am still a faulty human, but I am redeemed. There is NOTHING so big in my life that God cannot handle it for me. Every time I am tempted to build up a wall to protect myself from a niggling fear, God reminds me that I am safe in His arms. He shows me that I can daily, hourly, minute by minute pour out my struggles to Him. He hears me, He sees me, He acts on my behalf. That produces a peace that the things of this world cannot take away.

My marriage still has struggles, my children still forget to clean up their rooms, my bank account may never hold a million dollars, but those things that others think I lack, they do not matter in light of this amazing relationship with my Heavenly Father.

I lack nothing, because Jesus never fails.

I could have had a miserable life... 

But God, in His infinite mercy, showed me a better way.


  1. I enjoyed your post! My thoughts were on similar lines with the FMF prompt today. Truly, if we have God, we lack nothing in the things that really matter! Glad to be your neighbour at the link-up today!

  2. oh Carol... I like it! What a good reminder of perspective.

  3. I have days like yours, as well. God always brings me through it. My daughter gave me a quote, it's my profile picture. It says, "Being grateful for what we have, Makes what we have enough." I once thought success was living in a big house, meticulously decorated, manicured lawn. That just wouldn't be me, though. I love my 1560 sq ft of living eclectically, where I am successfully...and fully devoted to pleasing God.