Monday, June 25, 2018

Books With Bean ~ I Take My Religion Seriously

Books With Bean, Charles M. Schulz, book reviews by teens

Title: I Take My Religion Seriously 

Author: Charles M. Schulz 

Published: 1989

Genre: Humor, Christian, Comic

Summary: I wanted to do something by Charles M. Schulz but unfortunately I simply couldn’t decide which Peanuts collection to do so I decided on this book. I Take My Religion Seriously was not written as a book, instead it is actually a collection of one panel cartoons that Schulz drew for different church magazines and the like. It is filled with ones dealing with the struggles of teens in the church, how church events affect your life and wondering if even the Pastor really knows whats going on. 

What I liked about it: Each or the comics is never afraid to laugh at itself. It pokes fun at church life as it was when the comics were written while never being irreverent. The comics have fun dealing with both serious and not as serious subjects while still being good clean fun. In case you are wondering, no they don’t feature characters from Peanuts but instead have a variety of older, mostly teenaged, characters for you to laugh along with. 

Language: None

Romance: There are a few jokes made in relation to dating but they are never inappropriate.

Violence: None

Magic: None

Recommended Age: As these are not Peanuts I would say a bit older. Not because they aren’t clean but simply because I don’t think younger children will get what makes them so funny. I think at least 13-14 is probably a good age as by then kids will be a bit older and more likely to get the jokes.

On a side note this book only had one publishing back in 1989 and so can be a bit hard to find. If you (or your local library) doesn’t have a copy I heartily recommend Inter Library Loaning it if your library does that, or even picking up an inexpensive copy of it up. I was unable to find it on regular websites like Amazon and eBay but I did find copies for not to much on a website called

Books With Bean, Charles M. Schulz, book reviews by teens

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  1. I think I've seen this one before. Agree with your assessment