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Books With Bean ~ Anne of Green Gables

Books With Bean, book reviews by teens, Anne of Green Gables

Title: Anne of Green Gables 

Author: L. M. Montgomery

Published: 1908

Genre: Literary 

Summary: 11 year old Anne Shirley was not what Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert expected when they sent for an orphan to help out on their farm. But come she did, and their lives are forever changed when they decide to keep her and raise her. Anne hasn't had much formal upbringing up to that point so life is one mishap after another as Anne learns how to be a proper girl. From making lifelong friends with one child at school to swearing to hate another one for the rest of her life, life on Prince Edward Island is never boring. Anne meets new people, has lots of adventures, and for the first time in her life learns what it is like to have a family.

What I liked about it: Being a redhead myself I have always liked Anne, she was a lot like me, she loved what she loved and hated what she did not like. She was quick to a temper but just as quick to forgive (at least most of the time). Even as I got older and with time grew more refined in my literary analysis skills I realized that Anne could be a bit too good at times. However she and her adventures will always have a special place in my heart for her love of fun and the world around her.

Language: None

Romance: None in the first book, but as Anne grows older she does have romance and eventually gets married. The books are all very good however you might want to wait until your child is a bit older to read the later books if they start the first book when they are young.

Violence: None

Magic: None

Recommended Age: Anne is 11 and I personally think 10 or 11 is good age to start reading the series. However as I said above Anne does get older as the books go on. These books a wonderful to read as you grow up however while Anne is young in the first book she does get older and I would recommend the later books for 14 and up or maybe a little older

Books With Bean, book reviews by teens, Anne of Green Gables

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