Friday, September 16, 2016


It is Five Minute Friday again.

The prompt is:



When I think of the word listen I think of the Proverbs. They continually point us towards listening to God's voice of wisdom and understanding, and away from our own vain ideas.

I wish I was a better listener. God is working on me in that though. Recently He has been telling me to listen for His voice when I pray. To come before Him in humility and awe. I cannot say that I've really Him speaking, but I know that my spirit has had much more peace. How do you turn off your overactive brain and just listen? 
I wish I knew.

I'll keep coming back to trusting Christ to give me the strength to hold my thoughts captive to His. I've been reading a book that is about prayer, and it has frequently mentioned keeping a notebook so you can write down whatever thoughts interrupt your prayer time so you can let them go and attend to them later. I've used this idea before in writing down the thoughts that crowd in before sleep, so I'm going to try it for my specific prayer time as well.

I'm hoping God will be recreating me into a better listener. We have two ears, are we using them to listen? 

Five mInute Friday, listen, writing prompt



  1. Very true. My mind wanders often while I'm praying or reading. I'm going to try and become a more active listener to God and people.

  2. Very good, Carol! I agree. Great post. =-D

    Mine is here:

  3. I love that last line. Straight to the point. Are we using what God gave us to listen? Thank you for sharing this. - Lori

  4. that's a great idea Carol... to jot down thoughts that interfere when you prayer... though I'd be so busy jotting would I have time to pray??? hmmm... :)

  5. Good insights! I tend to talk too much and listen too little, so I need reminders that there's a reason we have TWO ears and only ONE mouth!

  6. I'm an awful listener. My mind (and mouth) work faster than my ears so I'm constantly talking over people. I struggle to tone it down. This is a good reminder.