Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thankful Thursdays ~ 1/14/16 ~ Coloring...

Have you tried one of the (relatively) new Adult Coloring Books yet? There are so many to choose from it may make your head spin. I had heard about them, and seen a couple for sale in the summer of 2015, but then I just kind of got busy with life and didn't think about it again.

Then, we went on vacation. 

Emily saw this ad for Florida's biggest used book store. It was only about 30 minutes from where we were staying, so of course we had to go. After finding the book I really wanted, my favorite book on nutrition, a replacement for one I had loaned out years ago and never gotten back, I decided I needed something to look at whilst the rest of the family meandered through the store. It's a really big store, we were going to be there a while. (I'll share more about that soon.)

As I was wandering, I asked one of the store employees if they had any adult coloring books. She replied "Yes, follow me." 
It was just a small selection ~ maybe 75 or 80 titles to choose from -LOL!
I decided it was time to see if I wanted to join the craze. After (carefully) looking through almost every title, I selected one that is mostly animals, with a few flower pictures.

Then, for Christmas, I got another adult coloring book from the local Christian store. Verses of Scripture, inspiring quotes, flowers... lots of choices to color to help me relax. That is the point after all isn't it? Coloring to relax. You don't have to finish the picture in one sitting. In fact, you don't have to finish the picture at all if you decide you don't want to. 

There aren't rules here. It's just coloring for yourself...although sometimes they look good enough to frame when you're finished. That might make a nice gift for a friend.

I've always loved coloring books. My Dad used to buy me Dover coloring books from the gift shop at the Art Museum when I was a child. By the Way, Dover still makes awesome coloring books! Most of these adult coloring books on the shelves today are different from the ones I used to have because the designs aren't as intricate. There are also several with a more whimsical outlook on the subject versus the usually literal/ realistic outlook of Dover coloring books.

My favorite medium for drawing is chalk pastels, but since that's a messy endeavor I rarely have time to enjoy these days, I think I'll stick with my coloring books for now. I can be as realistic as I want with my coloring. Sometimes I'm not very realistic at all. I'm thankful for finally taking the time to investigate this world of adult coloring books. It has been a good way for me to relax. It also gives me something to do with the part of my brain that sometimes get either overwrought or bored depending on how my week has been going. If you see me coloring, feel free to join in, I'll share! I hope you won't find it rude, but I actually like coloring while talking with my friends. I'm still listening. Sometimes it helps me listen better because I don't feel taxed to always be trying to make eye contact, something that can be a wearying thing for an introvert. It allows me to focus on what the person is saying, without always focusing on what they're wearing, how their hair looks, or whatever else I might be tempted to do to avoid prolonged eye contact. 
(Just being honest here folks!)

I colored this picture last weekend while watching football with my family. Kurt mentioned that he thought I was using a lot of pressure on the pencils. I was. I was working to get those rich hues out of my Crayola colored pencils. Fear not dear husband, I'm saving up my teacher rewards to get myself some higher quality pencils soon! I'll be thankful for those too!!!

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If you've gotten an adult coloring book you enjoy, would you mind leaving a comment with the title? Others want some suggestions. Also feel free to leave the name of your favorite coloring pencils or pens! Inquiring minds want to know!

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