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Fascinating Physics ~ A Crew Review

Let’s face it, some High School classes are more difficult to teach than others. That’s why Homeschooling parents enjoy having options. Emily and I have been reviewing the Fascinating Physics course taught by Dr. Margulies from Fascinating Education. We have found it to be a satisfactory option for tackling this often-difficult subject.

Online Science, Physics

This High School level Physics course includes all the topics you would expect to find in a traditional textbook, but it is divided into small, bite-sized portions. We have found this really helpful as there is so much to cover, and a lot of Algebra required in solving the examples. Your student should be at least started in Algebra 2 before they begin this course, although it would be ideal if they had already completed Algebra 2.

Fascinating Physics is an online course consisting of 15 lessons covering:
Circular Motion
Fluids and Gases
Light (3 lessons)
Electrical Charges
Electrical Currents
The Atom
The Nucleus

Each lesson is made up of several sections, and many have slides included for ‘catching our breath.’ Dr. Margulies understands that review is important, and each lesson ends with a review of ‘what we know so far.’ We have found these lessons quite challenging. This is a solid Physics course, and the tests for each lesson help you synthesize what was covered, so you don’t miss something important. If you get stuck, there is a blue “Need help?” button for each problem on the test. When you click it, that section of the lesson is reviewed, allowing you to refresh your memory before selecting your answer. Several of the problems require you to solve the algebraic equations to get the correct answer.

On the website, each lesson is available as both a narrated lesson on slides (powerpoint style,) or in a Script format. The script for Lesson 1 is 30 pages, and the length of each one varies. Most are around 25-30 pages. While that seems like a monster to print out, it would be beneficial for many students to have the text to review. We have been dividing each lesson up into several days, simply because Emily was getting a little overwhelmed at first. The very first lesson jumps head-first into Movement and has you figuring acceleration and deceleration problems early on.

Online Science, Physics

Because it is an online course, each student can go at their own pace. We are trying to cover a lesson every two weeks. This should have Emily completing the course in 30 weeks. I have been watching the lessons alongside of Emily, and we pause frequently to make sure we are both understanding the concepts and how to work the problems. It has been more than 20 years since I took Physics in High School. I feel this course takes the uncertainty out of having your High Schooler take Physics, because of how Dr. Margulies presents each concept in thin slices that are easier to digest than a traditional textbook course.

Emily may not realize she is using Physics often in her adult life, but after completing this course I feel she will be well prepared for those future encounters. The graphics used in the program are clear and well labelled. The text is thorough. The tests are really challenging, but necessary. The staff at Fascinating Education is quick to respond by email if you have a question.

Here is Emily’s review:
I am really enjoying the Fascinating Physics course. While the lessons may seem long, they're in short segments that make sure to cover all the questions that are on the tests. Like any of the other Fascinating Education courses it also has the lessons in text format if that’s easier for you. You really want to have studied Algebra before you begin, though, or you’re going to be really lost. This course thoroughly explains how all the formulas are related to each other and how they are used to solve the problems.

Fascinating Physics assumes your student knows virtually nothing about physics, and starts at the beginning with movement. The website is mobile friendly, so your independent learners could use their tablet (or phone) to watch the lessons if the home computer is already occupied. The $79 course fee gives you access for one full year. If you’re ready to learn more, click on over and visit the Fascinating Education website

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