Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas decorations

Several friends have posted recently about their Christmas decorations. I like Christmas decorations, I always have. For me, they point me to the manger, where Christ was laid as our newborn King. Christmas decorations can be big or small, or none at all. Whatever you choose, I pray you look to the manger, find a Savior, and be like the shepherds who pointed others to Christ.

This year our decorations are small. Our tree is a ceramic one my Dad painted when I was little, before it sits the tiny manger scene I painted when our girls were little. We are celebrating our Savior's birth. The baby Jesus will be added Christmas morning. 

I celebrate Christmas because it constantly reminds me of Jesus' purpose in coming to earth, to give his life as a ransom for mine. We celebrate His victory over death at Easter, but today, we're celebrating His birth.

Christmas is abut Jesus


  1. The ceramic tree is beautiful. My mom had one similar when I was a kid. The nativity you painted is gorgeous as well. I do one day want to get a little nativity set for under the tree. Thanks Carol for linking up :)

  2. Sometimes, simplicity speaks very loudly. This is a beautiful scene that you created and I appreciate the purpose of the scene. I really like the little tree that your dad painted. Thanks for sharing.