Friday, August 22, 2014

Thankful Thursdays - 8/21/14 - Butterflies

I love watching butterflies. Yesterday we were blessed (thanks Mom!) to go to the Indianapolis Zoo and see the many animals including the butterflies. The Indianapolis Zoo almost always has a butterfly exhibit in the Gardens part from late May through Labor Day.

My favorite butterflies to watch are the Blue Morpho butterflies from South and Central America. I've never seen one on the wild...because I've never been to the jungle, so I'm thankful to get to see them at the zoo. The Indianapolis Zoo hatches their butterflies from chrysalises they have on display in the butterfly nursery. Since its getting closer to Labor Day, there weren't as many butterflies to watch as you can see in July, but there were still plenty to enjoy!

Butterflies don't live long lives, but they spend their lives doing what God made them for. I love the variety of colors and designs! I have learned to tell a Blue Morpho is getting near the end of its life when its brilliant color starts to fade, and/or the wings start to get tattered edges. It's really hard to get a good picture of them because they often close their wings when they land. The underside of they wings is the same colors as an owl butterfly, but with a differentiating pattern. Only the tops are blue, which makes me believe God made them just for their beauty.

When it finally stops raining, I hope to see some monarch butterflies in our own butterfly garden. Until then, I'll be thankful for all the beautiful varieties we saw yesterday!

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