Friday, June 20, 2014

June already ?!?

Is it really June 20th already? How did that happen? I know, yesterday was the 19th, the day before that was the 18th . . . I get how the calendar is numbered, it's just that sometimes I forget how quickly the time passes!

Yet, when I look outside, and see the ripe strawberries, the blueberries growing, and flowers on the potato plants, I KNOW it must be Summer, (or darn close!) Time marches on regardless of what we ARE or ARE NOT doing in our lives.

Some people love to stay active going and doing things away from home every day. Other people prefer to spend more time at home.

Wherever you fit on this spectrum, can I challenge us all with two things?
   1- Ask God what HE wants you to focus on each day.
   2- Be active, be productive, be contemplative, be helpful, or even be determined . . . just don't be "busy."

Being "busy" can lead us to value the checkboxes on our list over the people we are doing those things for! "Busy" demands our attention be focused on OUR list, not necessarily God's plan for our days. "Busy" means we listen to the clock, not the Holy Spirit Who should be guiding our days.

So for the rest of the summer, whether we leave home once a month, twice a week, or every single day . . . let's all choose to be something better than "busy."

Perhaps you'll want to try one of these:

be helpful
be loving
be hospitable
be industrious
be kind
be joyful
be filled with the Spirit
be available
be attentive
be productive
be active
be about your Father's business!

Here's to choosing to have a wonderful, un-busy Summer!

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