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Lilla Rose - Flexi Hair Clip Review

Have you ever heard of Lilla Rose? 

I will admit I didn't know about the company until last year when my  friend Dawn Winters started selling their Flexi Hair Clips. Then I heard snips here and there on Facebook and through emails. Late last year I wondered if these "Flexi's" would work for our girls.

You see, Arlene has A LOT of hair, and most hair tools just give up in the face of overuse. Ponytail holders wear out at an alarming speed, and hairbrushes and combs are always 'we'll see if it works' purchases. (Yes, we have broken some 'unbreakable' combs over the years.)

Lilla Rose Flexi Hair Clips
Top-Medium, Bottom-Small

Enter the Flexi Clip. Dawn agreed to send us a Flexi Hair Clip to try out. We were blessed to receive two different sizes of Flexi Hair Clips. Lilla Rose has other hair products as well, you can check them all out here. Our package contained one "Small" and one "Medium." Do not be deceived about their capacity by the names, these are serious workhorses! The small is the 'Lovely Circle Emerald' design (retail $14) and the medium is the 'Festive Leaf' design (retail $16.95).

Lilla Rose Flexi Medium
Arlene (age 13) was our main reviewer. This review took longer than usual simply because it was winter. A long, cold, hard winter. Winter where no one goes out if they can help it, and hats are worn all the time. Arlene wore the Flexi's a lot, but I didn't get many pictures early on. In the case of these beautiful hair tools, a picture is worth MORE than a thousand words.

Small Lilla Rose Flexi

A 'Small" holding part of Arlene's hair

You will probably want more than one Flexi. Each size has some give because of three settings on the patented sliding pin, but you'll want one for updos and one for when you only want to put up half of your hair. The best thing to do is watch the "Sizing and Styling Videos" section on Dawn's website.

Updo w/ Lilla Rose Flexi

This 'Medium' Flexi can hold all of Arlene's hair IF she puts it at the top and puts it up wet. If she wanted to flip the ends down she would need a 'Large.'

Lilla Rose Medium Flexi

I personally love that the pin is attached to the Flexi (unlike those 1970's slides my Mom used to wear.) This means the Flexi pieces don't get lost! Trust me on this, these Flexi's have been in and out of hair, drawers, pockets, and purses almost every day for the past 2 & 1/2 months. It is comforting to know they stay together and they are sturdy!

Lilla Rose Small Flexi Clip
Look at the sliding pin, on the right side you can see the three indents to adjust the size, and see that the size is imprinted into the end of the bar to make it easy to get the size you're looking for in a drawer full of hair accessories.

These hair tools are worth the money. Arlene uses the Medium she she wants to put up ALL of her hair (and the Flexi manages to hold it FOR HOURS,) and the Small when she only wants to pull back some of it. Emily and I both tried using the Small Flexi. It is the right size for a low ponytail for Emily, but takes some getting used to, because if you don't run the pin/ bar right along your scalp it has a tendency to twist when your hand moves away from your hair. I used the Small Flexi to put up ALL of my hair, but it was still a little loose. I will want to get a size "Extra Small" for my hair, and a "Mini" for putting up just part of my hair.

Lilla Rose Flexi updo
So what do you do with a Flexi Clip in your hair? Anything you want. Once you get the correct size for your amount of hair, these stay put through a lot of activity. Plus, they look so nice that you're always having a 'good hair day'... even when you really aren't. :)

Lilla Rose has special limited edition 'Flexi of the Month' designs, as well as ones that are always available. I would encourage you to watch the video about sizing, and try one or two for yourself! Be honest with yourself about how much hair you actually have, when in doubt, get the smaller size.

Lilla Rose Small Flexi
I think the value comes in many parts with Lilla Rose's Flexi Hair Clips. First, the front truly flexes, allowing for some give in volume with each size. Second, they are sturdy. Any hair tool that can survive two months of use in Arlene's mane deserves respect. Thirdly, the attached bar is simply genius! Just get used to sliding it along your scalp to get a good hold when you first put it in. Fourth, Lilla Rose is sold through individual consultants who want you to love your purchase. They are knowledgeable and caring. They take the time to make sure you're ordering the size you need in the design you want.

Lilla Rose Flexi Clip

So go, take a long look around Dawn's website or Facebook page, then pick a Flexi out that fits your hair and our personality. You'll be glad you did!

We received these products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are ours. We are disclosing this in accordance with FTC regulations.

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