Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Confusion

It's only the 12th of March, which in Indiana means anything is possible with the weather. I wanted to show you a picture of a confused tulip from our front yard. It made me laugh. It is obviously lacking the genetic information to stay in the ground where it belongs. So, we helped it out by digging it a new home & burying it again. We'll just have to be patient and see if it stays where it was planted.

Hopefully you've been blessed with mild Spring weather as well, and are spending some time outdoors enjoying the sunshine. 

If you're worried about Winter making an unwelcome return... don't start planting outdoors yet (except for peas.) If you'd like to start some seeds now, but you're worried about space, check out this great blog called:

He has the categories listed on the left - check out the last one- Winter Sowing - it's a great solution for space and/or time pinched gardeners. We're using his methods this year and we're awaiting great results! (The lettuce is already sprouting!)

Enjoy the warm weather, plant some seeds, and hug your kids this week!

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