Thursday, July 4, 2013

Schoolhouse Planners Giveaway

OK... Moms, show of hands... how many of you are planners? How many of you WISH you were planners? How many of you just need someplace to write down what you did today before you forget it? Well, that should cover just about all of us!

Many of you have heard me talk about 

If not, click on over to this post from when it first started... (yeah, I know, I should really write another one to let you know more about all the features available today!)

To my point for today, The Old Schoolhouse, creators of, have customizable planners for Moms and kids of all ages. AND... they're letting me host a giveaway! The winner will receive access to the "Big Mama" Schoolhouse Planner (up to 800 pages to choose from), and ONE of the student planners (their choice!) Options include: Primary, Middle School, High School, or Special Learners.

So, let me tell you a little about each of these planners. 

"Big Mama" Schoolhouse Planner ($39 retail): With 800 pages to customize, there should be something here for everyone. I used this planner this past school year. (Don't laugh- those of you who know me well, let me explain first!) I am a planner, but not a lesson planner. Our family is involved in just a few things...we serve at church, the girls are both in the youth volunteer program at Conner Prairie (a living history museum,) we're ALL involved in 4-H, my husband loves Football, and hockey, and baseball, I have a blog, a nutrition business, and a part-time job outside of the home. Yeah, we need a planner to keep us going! 

So, I customized this planner with the sheets I thought I would need, then printed them as I wanted them, and took them to my friend Anna, who owns the local PIP Printing shop, and had her spiral bind it for me. I had chosen some pretty Scrapbooking card stock for her to laminate for the covers, and I added in a few pages of things I had found helpful that I already had, to make a planner that was right for me, for this past year. Don't think you need all 800 pages, just pick & choose the ones that work for you! Some of the pages I used included: the 2-page monthly calendar, the Attendance Chart, and Common Latin & Greek word roots. I typed up some Bible verses, printed them on the back of scrapbooking paper, and included them as my section dividers. There are SO MANY options with this one. Some of the pages I liked, I didn't print out for me, because I had found them for the girls in THEIR planners, and included them there.
The one-page calendar is nice too, but truthfully, I need a two-page monthly layout. Plus, there is room on the side to make notes! You can type on the pages & save them to your computer if that's your preference. I prefer a printed planner.

Our planners, front & backs!

My divider page, and the Latin Roots page I got from the Intermediate Planner, because that's where I found it first!

Special Learners Planner ($29 retail): Do you have a special child? Ever wish you could get everything you need organized in one place? Ever wish you could type ON the planner? With this great resource, you can do both. This is also a great print-out planner, but I want you to understand that you can type on the pages on your computer & save the information. At 178 pages, this has just about every form or chart you might ever want to help you & your special learner succeed! If you have a special learner in your family, this would be a Godsend whether you homeschool or public school. Just a FEW of the many great features include: medical & therapy forms, food & behavior diaries, a calendar, planning pages, IEP, and even forms for your service animals!

Primary Planner ($9.95 retail): Want to start your kids on the path to writing a record of what they do? Ease into it with the forms from this planner. Your students will enjoy the books on the Caldecott & Newberry award winner pages, and they'll learn how to record things using the field trip report sheets & book and video logs. Help them start on a lifelong habit of daily Bible reading with the Bible reading schedule, and encourage them to help around the house with chore charts and easy recipes. Your students could type in this planner too, but I'd suggest you print it out & let them work on their handwriting!

Intermediate Planner ($19 retail): Arlene used many pages from this one in her planner this past year. There are lots of pages to choose from, book report forms, goals sheets, financial planning pages, and an address book. Some of her favorites were: the Timeline of Inventions, US Presidents and their Wives, Measurement Conversions, and the Multiplication Table and Multiples Chart. If you have other pages from a particular curriculum you want to use, it is easy to add them to this. Some people prefer putting it in a 3-ring binder to add to as the year goes on, but Arlene wanted to pick out cool scrapbooking pages for her covers too.

High School Planner ($29 retail): Emily got a lot of use out of this planner for the 2012-2013 school year. I had her help me pick out which pages to print & we took them with Arlene's and mine to be spiral bound. Have an idea you want to record in High School? There is probably a page for it here! Besides a calendar, there are planning pages, transcript sheets, places to track scholarship information, The Periodic Table, Elements by Atomic Number, pages for Books I Want to Read (hey, I need that page!), Bible Memorization pages, Community Service Logs and so many more! Emily really liked the Dates to Remember pages, because they gave her a line per day place to record her friends' birthdays. Some of your High Schoolers will also like the pages in the Intermediate Planner. 


So, you're almost ready for the giveaway right? Just a few more important things I want you to know first. If you join, all the planners are included! is $12.95 a month, or $139 for 12 months. So if you're drooling over any of the planners, and you don't win the giveaway, click here & go join, get your planners, and so much more!

Secondly,  I had a membership I had paid for to, then as a TOS Crew member, I received a one-year's extension for free. When it expires, I'll gladly pay to renew it, because there is so much to choose from on this site. It's like a convention and a co-op full of classes all rolled into one!

Thirdly, for those of you who KNOW you want to join, I received an email this morning, that they are having a giveaway for up to 4 Kindle Fires for the 25th, 50th, 75th, & 100th families who join for the yearly price of $139. But hurry, the special with the Kindles is only for today (& tomorrow)! The membership is for the whole family. 

Fourth: If you DO join from a link in this post, I'll get a little referral bonus. Which I'll use to pay for postage on future give-aways that include physical products (as opposed to downloads.) We've got a lot of those scheduled for this summer!

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Now for the giveaway! 


  1. I would love the Big Momma planner and the Intermediate planner. We have 4 children we homeschool and to be honest, I could use most of them! :-) Thanks for doing this give-a-way!!

  2. I just wanted to give you a heads up that I replied to your email last Sunday! So glad I won!!!