Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The HOPE Conference - Family Pass Giveaway!

We need YOUR help! We are just a little over 3 weeks away from The Hope Conference in Cicero, IN . . . featuring great speakers like Diana Waring and Carl Kerby . . . but not enough people know about it yet!!!

I've written about The HOPE Conference here before : Reasons for Hope Ministry
and:Hope Conference Speakers

So, Please, consider sharing this post and telling your friends to go visit: and find out all the details! The Conference will be Friday evening, October 18th (6-9 p.m.), and all day Saturday, October 19th (8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.) Harbour Shores Church is the location, 8011 E 216th St, Cicero, IN 46034.

You can find the speakers' talk descriptions on rforh*'s  Facebook page :

We want you to come, and we want your friends to come, and your neighbors!!! So here is the scoop: Reasons for Hope has generously donated a Family Pass for us to giveaway. (Retail value $35, eternal value...too great to count!) Keep reading for the details!

Instead of just doing a giveaway of the pass, Reasons for Hope (rforh*) has included a 'deBunked' t-shirt (black, adult XL.) But, like I said earlier, we need your help! PLEASE share this event with your friends. The ministry of rforh* has blessed our family time and again. The speakers want to bless you, encourage you, challenge you, even make you laugh once in a while!

Now, you may be thinking "It sounds great, but we live a busy life . . . I don't know if we want to come." (Let me break it to you, we all have to choose which commitments to make - - - choose the ones with eternal significance!)

Or, you might be thinking "Wow, $35. That isn't a lot of money for all of those great speakers . . . but . . .  money is tight right now." True. But don't just look at it as spending money, look at it as an investment in your family, and your walk with Jesus. Pray and ask God to show you how HE is going to provide! Pack your lunch for Saturday...we are! Find a way to get the $35, and buy your ticket, AND COME!

"But you said there is a giveaway . . . what if I win the Family Pass?" True, you might . . .

Here is where I am diverting from the original thought. Because it is so important to me that you come, there is a twist on this giveaway. IF you are the winner of the Family Pass (the giveaway goes through next Wednesday evening at 10 p.m. [Oct 2nd]), AND you have already purchased a Family or Individual pass, I (Carol) will personally buy back your purchased pass and give it away to another family through another giveaway here on the blog!!! (Or, you can give it away to the family of your choosing!)

Also, if you are willing and able to help pass out postcard sized flyers, let me know & we'll get some to you ASAP!

Are you ready for the giveaway? I know I am . . . some family is about to get blessed . . . it just might be yours!


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