Saturday, July 6, 2013

Reasons for Hope Ministry (& a giveaway!)

Where do you go when you need answers? Where do your friends go? While it can be helpful to turn to google or Yahoo Answers, or even your dictionary (gasp), not every answer can be found with a quick online search.

Some questions have a greater significance. At times, your friends may ask you questions about God that you have a hard time answering. Sometimes, even though I know the Biblical answer to a question, being able to put that answer into words a non-believer might understand stumps me. That is why I would like to tell you more about a ministry that is dear to us, Reasons For Hope (rforh*).

Reasons for Hope was founded with a four-part mission that leads people to find True Hope in Jesus Christ. Here is their mission:

Mission Statement:
“Reasons for Hope exists to direct people to the biblical Jesus by offering HOPE*!”
H: Helping Christians share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
O: Offsetting secular thinking with biblical truth.
P: Providing resources that give biblical answers to real-world questions.
E: Encouraging the church to rely on God’s Word as the foundation for their thoughts, their words and their actions.        

Do you need help sharing the Gospel? Do the world's answers leave you feeling lost? Are you looking for quality resources that provide Biblical answers? Would you like to be encouraged to rely upon God more than you do? I have answered "yes!" to all of these questions at various times in my life. I know I need to focus on sharing the love of Christ with those around me. I am not helping bring people to Jesus if I just keep all the love and grace to myself. As a Mom, I know my first mission field is at home, but I also know that is not my ONLY mission field.

By listening to speakers from rforh* (there are many,) and reading and watching their quality resources, I get both encouragement, and a challenge. I am encouraged because I know the One True Hope, but I am challenged because I need to both live and share that Hope!

I am super excited because rforh* is having the first Hope Conference this October. The weekend of October 18th & 19th the conference will be held at Harbor Shores Church in Cicero, IN (about 30 minutes north of Indianapolis.) The following weekend, October 25th & 26th the conference will be held at Grace Baptist Church in Mason, OH (about 30 minutes NE of Cincinnati.)

Now, you may be wondering "Why would I want to come to this conference? And what about my friends?" I'm glad you asked! There are several great components to the Hope Conference. First, the conference will be simultaneously having both English and  Spanish bring your friends & neighbors! Secondly, (we're focusing on the Cicero conference here, since we live in Indiana,) there will be 5 great speakers, and special programs from JandY Ministries for children 4-12. That's right, a day and a half of hearing from great speakers: Carl Kerby, Diana Waring, Eric Hovind, Juan Valdes (Spanish program) and Carl Kerby Jr.

Now you should really want to go and take your friends! Yes, yes you do. So how much does the Hope Conference cost? $25 for an individual, and $35 for a family. Pay attention! If you purchase your ticket before August 1st, you can get the Early Bird discount of $10 off either an Individual or Family ticket!!! That's right, you can bring your whole family for only $25! At that price, please consider purchasing a ticket for another family as your ministry opportunity for the month!

We're trying to get the word out about this conference! We want it to be easy for you to get your ticket & share this information with your friends, family, and church! You can click this link and go purchase your ticket today (...and a little bit will come back to help support our blog, and pay for postage on giveaways.)

So please, help us spread the word about this great ministry, and the upcoming Hope Conference! You can direct your friends here so they can purchase their own tickets. Just ask them to click on the Individual or Family Pass that says (Home Sweet Life Blog) after it.

If you would like some postcard-sized flyers about the Hope Conference to share, let us know, we would be happy to drop some in the mail to you ASAP! 

In our next update about the conference, we'll tell you more about each speaker!

Now, to the Giveaway... rforh* has generously donated some items for us to give away to our readers leading up to the Hope Conference in Cicero. Today's giveaway item is this bright orange rforh* t-shirt! (USA addresses only, APO & FPO addresses are OK!) It is a Men's size Medium, 50/50 cotton/polyester blend. (Don't despair if that's not your size, later this summer we're doing a giveaway for an XL t-shirt.) Scroll down below the photos to enter the giveaway!



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  1. Obviously, the Indiana one. ;) It's almost close enough to come -- if only DH's schedule were more predictable.

  2. From what I'm reading, they all look good! Diana Waring and Eric Hovind are the 2 I'm most familiar with.